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Compressed margins, the pressure for increased digitization and unsustainable cost structures are just some of the challenges facing capital markets firms today. In fact, more than one-third of their costs are spent on indirect value-add activities. If left unchecked, these challenges will start to impact a firm’s business and economic model. The good news is that many of these areas are ripe or even overdue for automation and augmentation.

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With the rising role of technology, back-office operations will start to directly engage customers – much like today’s front office. The data-driven analysis will see operations become more client-focused and able to contribute directly to top-line growth. But to get to this future-readiness state, firms must act to transform into Intelligent Operations.

A new beginning

Intelligent Operations incorporates agility, data insights and right-sized transactional work to help firms trim costs and boost service levels, enabling the front office to work more efficiently. Broadly speaking, this shift will use emerging technologies to move the back office away from being transactional to being more digitized, agile and customer-centric.

6 building blocks to Intelligent Operations

An Intelligent Operations solution relies on data and automation to cut costs and boost service levels. A successful transformation requires firms to:

  1. Create an effective organization design
  2. Design value-driven processes
  3. Invest in intelligent automation tools and solutions
  4. Institute multi-speed, scalable architecture that supports decoupling and flexibility
  5. Create an expanded ecosystem with strategic partnerships
  6. Pivot the workforce to be future-ready

Firms can significantly cut costs by taking these steps. For example, applying intelligent automation tools can reduce costs by up to 30%. But they first need to establish a structured delivery model – one with a high-level steering board, a data-driven process and a reporting mechanism. If properly designed, managed and monitored, financial markets firms can transform their existing operations into Intelligent Operations, leaving them prepared for a digitized, customer-centric and highly efficient future.

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